Welcome to Credit Solutions International

At "CSIL" we are totally committed in providing the best possible Debt Recovery and Credit Management Services both here in New Zealand and internationally. We specialize in Commercial and B2B debt recovery and act for many small to large organizations in the consumer, financial, corporate and international sectors. "WE get paid, when YOU get paid"

"CSIL" Fees and Charges are competitive and well below the industry standard, whilst still delivering Fast, Effective and Efficient levels of service and achieving exceptional results that are uncommon and rarely seen in the industry to which is a testimony to our success.

CSILtakes a firm but fair approach with debtors and conducts itself in a pro-active, lawful, ethical, and professional manner. Every endeavor is made despite what challenges and/or limitation's exist that will see our client's getting PAID!

All monies paid directly to "CSIL" are held in a Commercial Trust bank account and are promptly disbursed shortly after the preceding month of collection or by prior arrangement. We have no hidden fees or charges and will always seek your prior approval before incurring any expense on your behalf.

Statistically the majority of debts placed with "CSIL" get paid without resorting to the legal process however there will always be debtor's that simply won't pay unless legal action is commenced and "CSIL" provides a competitive litigation service for both the District and High Courts.

So if you are owed money from slow paying customer(s) through to harden debtor(s) or where a previous agency has been unable to collect the debt(s) and looking for a company that can deliver then CSIL is that agency Please take your time to explore our website, or for immediate action utilize our Online Debt Placement Form so we can commence the process in getting you paid!